Red (Red) – Part 4

Sep 4 2014

Red Fever!

Red is a strong, vibrant and often very sexy color!

I confess that I didn’t really like to wear red when I was younger, in fact I didn’t have anything red and the first and only time I used the color was on my 15th birthday. For a long time I wondered why I had chosen that color, I didn’t even like to see the photos, because the red dress was there catching my attention and I thought it didn’t suit me, something for a teenager, right people?! rsss….

Well, time has passed and nowadays everything has changed and I love wearing red!! I love dresses, lipstick, shoes, any piece, even if it’s a small color detail, because in addition to giving life to the look, it’s very feminine!

I’ve separated photos of the red looks I like the most and they have them for all styles, tastes and occasions, from party wear to everyday looks. Hope you like it and get inspired!!

Hey girls who likes to wear red?? Kisses