Jeans – Part 7

Aug 4 2014

Look: Agricultural Exhibition (Rodeio)!

Hi guys, how are you?? How was your weekend?? Mine was great, by the way, the whole last week was very busy and very good, because there was the agricultural festival in my city and from Tuesday until yesterday I was there, super addicted rssss…..

I love this time of year, I like to go to the Exhibition Park to see friends (everyone goes and it’s really nice), participate in the barbecues, see the horse races, the rodeo and as I really like country music , I love the shows!!

Today’s look is the one I wore on Tuesday and as it was the first day and there was still no rodeo or show, I chose a more basic and comfortable look! It was pretty cold so I put on a denim shirt with a knit on top and a fake fur vest to warm me up. These jaguar pants are also very warm and as I used neutral colors on top, the jaguar added a touch to the look.

I hope you like it….

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{Pants: Bo.Bô // Shirt: Le Lis Blanc // Knitting: Le Lis Blanc // Vest: H&M // Boots: Tony Mora for Daslu // Bag: Gucci // Leaf Ring: Gio Bernardes }

Hey guys, did you like the look?? Kisses!!