Reinventing Jeans!

Mar 16 2016

Jeans are a joker that never goes out of style, but it reinvents itself to be more modern and escape the obvious. Fashion always changes and in the case of jeans we’ve already gone through pantaloons, skinny, flares, destroyed, washed and many other types!

So today we are going to talk about the 4 trends that are on the rise at the moment, let’s go!

The first trend is Jeans with Asymmetric Hem:

Launched by the French brand Vetements, the piece became a hit and some models give the impression of being vintage. Basically one part of the hem is shorter than the other, or the front shorter than the back or one side shorter than the other, in both types the hem is frayed, so it’s super easy to do at home! Check it out:

Fringed Jeans:

The frayed hem jeans were once a trend and now the frayed ones got bigger and became fringes on the jeans hems. Super different, jeans with a fringe bar already do the look alone, so match it with more basic shirts and blouses.

Pantacourt Jeans:

Pantacourt pants are already a hit (I’ve already made some posts about them here and here) and of course the denim version is also hit in street style looks!

The latest trend is Patches:

Guys, I love this trend, I think it’s modern, fun and very casual. The patches for those who don’t know are those emblems made of fabric that are sewn into clothes, which were a fever in the 90’s and which have now come back with a vengeance and have already become a fever among fashionistas. This trend is also super easy to do at home, just grab those jeans that are forgotten in the closet and make an exclusive piece for you! Also use in jackets, skirts, shorts and denim shirts.

Hey girls which one do you like?