Orii – The New SmartRing

Smartwatches are booming, famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Tag Hauer and Emporio Armani have made their version. But now a new smart accessory promises to be even more successful: the smartrings!

That’s right, the smart ring called Orii, when connected to your cell phone, allows you to listen, talk and control your device just by touching your ear. Amazing, right people??!!! I’ll explain better, the ring has a microphone that picks up your voice and for you to hear, the ring vibrates on your finger and when you put it to your ear, you can hear who is talking to you!

In addition to making and receiving calls, Orii has other functions that work through the application. For the ring to come out, the creators are crowdfunding and anyone who gives a support of US$ 399 (about R$ 1,250) will receive theirs from February 2018 worldwide. There are videos on the financing website of how the ring works.

Let’s wait, right?! I’m already dying to have one!!