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Nov 9 2015

Makeup to Inspire!

If you want to rock a party, you have to choose a hairstyle, accessories and makeup that match the style of your outfit. If it’s a very flashy dress and full of details, bet on a lighter makeup, if it’s something more basic, pay attention to the eyes and lipstick, that is, make a balance.

In my opinion, balance has to be a priority in production, if the clothing is too tight, be careful with the neckline and length, if it is too low-cut, it is better to be looser, if it is full of details, be careful with the accessories and so on, because if you put everything together in the same look, it certainly won’t look good and you’ll sin in excess.

Going back to the main subject of the post, I’ve separated some makeup for you to be inspired according to the type of party and the chosen look!

Damaged Eyes

Dark Eyes

Focus on Lipstick



A tip, if you don’t know which type of makeup to choose, invest in makeup with marked eyes, but without too much eyeshadow and light lipstick or in the highlighted ones, so you won’t go wrong! 😉


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