Colorful Stripes!

Stripes always appear as a trend, some seasons bring bicolor like black and white, others with navy footprint with white and navy, some bring more closed colors others more colorful and there was even the fever of colorful zig-zags from Valentino which are technically not stripes but the look is very similar.

I already said here at the beginning of the year that this was a super trend and fashionistas don’t get tired of using it. The colorful stripes called “rainbow stripes” promise to stay for a long time and are the right request for you to rock.

There are several types and colors, so if you want something more for the summer, opt for brightly colored stripes or with a white background. If you want something for the coldest days, then go for something more sober, like the earthy tones that have incredible ranges of colors and give a 70’s look to your production.