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Apr 18 2016

Look and Decor| My Tea Bar!

Hi girls, how was your weekend?

My weekend was very exciting!! Those who follow me on instagram (@thaisfava) and snapchat (tais_fava), saw that my weekend started on Thursday with the arrival of some bridesmaids from my wedding, because on Saturday was my tea bar.

Wow, what a delight at night, my bridesmaids did everything without telling me anything and it was wonderful! The theme was “Cantina da Thais e Guilherme”, as Italy will be one of our honeymoon destinations. The music was on account of Dj Pedro and a country duo that couldn’t miss, right people?! In short, it was amazing!!

Most beautiful table!!! ❤❤❤

Now my look:

Dress: Fabulous Agilita by Lolita | Sandal: Schutz | Accessories: Hector Albertazzi


Beautiful bridesmaids!! ❤❤❤

And did the girls like the look? And the decoration??

The photos are from my cell phone, because I was dying to show you soon rss….


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