3 Looks To Inspire the Weekend!

Hello girls, how are you?

Today is Friday and it’s the day to go out, meet friends and have a lot of fun, so how about 3 different proposals for super current looks to inspire the weekend?!

The pleated midi skirt brings feminine romanticism and gold brings the modernity of metallic. The black cropped with embroidery complemented the skirt like a glove and beautiful jaguar sandals on the feet. To finish off the red bag that added a touch of color to the look.

Skirt: Magic Body | Cropped: Regina Salomão for Body Magic | Sandal: UZA for La Donna | Bag: Santa Lolla for La Donna

The second look is a very basic little black dress with a wonderful detail on the back. People think of a dress that wears super hyper mega well, the fabric is very firm and draws the body and the midi length makes the mega neckline of the back look chic without being vulgar.

Dress: Anne Fernandes for Corpo Mágico | Sandal: Schutz for La Donna

How about a look with pants that brings together the stripped down of jeans and the glamor of embroidery?! Ideal for those who are not a fan of dresses and for those who like to mix trends and style, this look is super modern and a great option to go out to dinner with friends.

Pants: Bebela for Magic Body | Cropped: Patchoulee for Magic Body | Sandal: Capodarte for La Donna

Corpo Mágico – @corpomagicobr | La Donna – @ladonnacatalao

Did you like the loa?? What’s your favorite look??