Interval cardio secrets in bodybuilding

Interval cardio; learn how to do aerobic exercise to maximize the breakdown of fatty acids while maintaining lean muscle mass. Combining cardio and strength training has been very relevant in recent years. Today we are going to will tell you about cardio’s secrets. Can use interval aerobic training in cases where the classic one does not yield the expected result.

Why does classic cardio not always work?

Many words have already been said about cardio in bodybuilding, but it is still worth brushing up on the main points:

  • It is essential to keep the heart rate in the aerobic zone;
  • Loading should be of moderate to low intensity;
  • Use cardio after strength training or waking up from sleep when insulin levels are low, and glycogen stores are depleted.

By using cardio, you can speed up fat burning and also increase tissue insulin sensitivity. It all sounds great, but over time, the body will adapt to classic cardio, which will lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of training. It should also note that with frequent, monotonous aerobic exercise, the production of cortisol is accelerated.

To avoid this, you need to do the following:

  • While maintaining the same level of activity, reduce the calorie content of your diet;
  • Maintain the energy level of the nutritional plan while increasing physical activity;
  • Start using interval cardio.

What is Interval Cardio?

Interval cardio is a high-intensity, intermittent style of exercise. After high intensity, you go down to low power or rest. These periods range from a few seconds to four minutes.

We also note the main advantages of cardio over classical:

  • More calories are burned in less time;
  • After cardio for the second day, the metabolism will be high;
  • The formation of male hormones and growth hormones is accelerated.

For intermittent cardio, you can use an exercise bike, run, ski, swim, etc.

Interval characteristics of the electrocardiogram

High heart rate

It is pretty obvious, but it bears repeating. When using an electrocardiogram, the heart rate can go up to 180 beats per minute.

It takes some time to practice.

Aerobic exercise will not take time. The average length of the most popular protocols is 15-25 minutes. At the same time, you only need to train with high intensity from 2 to 4 minutes.

Catecholamine concentration increases

The study found that during an electrocardiogram, the concentration of adrenaline and norepinephrine increases significantly. As you know, these hormones are excellent fat burners.

Growth hormone secretion is accelerated.

This fact has also been proven in research. At 60 minutes after exercise, the concentration of somatotropin in the subjects increased approximately tenfold.

Increases the body’s endurance

After two weeks of training, your endurance can increase by 10 percent. The longer you use cardio between sessions, your endurance will improve.

Tissue insulin sensitivity increases

This number can increase by 20-60 percent, accelerating fat production.

Interval cardio
Interval cardio

An example of an interval ECG

It should say that experienced athletes should use them. Don’t forget to warm up before starting cardio.

Wingate protocol

  • Explosive sprints with maximum strength – 30 seconds;
  • Rest – 4 minutes;
  • Perform 4 to 6 such intervals.

Dunn booking

  • Sprint – 8 seconds;
  • Low intensity – 12 seconds;
  • Repeat this interval 60 times.

Tremblay booking

  • Sprints – 15 seconds;
  • Low intensity – 30 seconds;
  • Repeat these intervals 25 times.


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