Look: Through the Streets of NYC!

Jul 16 2014

Today’s look was one of the looks I wore in New York. The weather there was great, hot during the day and at night it cooled a little because of the wind.

That day we went out for a walk in Soho and the West Village and as we didn’t have the right time to return, I decided to put on black jeans with a white lace crop top and I took a leopard blouse tied around my waist in case it started to get cold.

{Pants and Cropped: Zara // Flats: Chanel // Bag: Louis Vuitton // Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo // Hat: Free People}

The day was a delight, the little streets of the West Village are beautiful, with many shops, beautiful people and good restaurants. We had lunch at Minetta Tavern which is a mix of a French steakhouse with a classic New York tavern, by the way we love the place and the food is delicious (I’ll make a post with the photos!).