Street Style (Street Fashion) – Part 22

It’s cool to be different!

I love looks with different details, cuts and hems! I also really like straight and wide clothes, I think it’s very stylish! That is, everything that is different attracts my attention, I love to get out of the sameness, but of course the clothes have to match my style and body type.

Lately I’m finding it difficult to find different pieces, it seems that every store I go to has the same things, I confess I’m a little discouraged about it!

I was looking at some looks with different details and I separated some for you to be inspired too!

Love this look by Solange Knowles!!! The skirt is very different and the wider blazer with that low cut looks beautiful.

I really liked this dress very loose with the detail of the hem being shorter in front of Jemima Rooper.

This Poppy Delevingne dress is also very interesting with that open side and the hem ends. Suitable for tall and thin women.

I thought the skirt on Elizabeth Banks’ dress was beautiful, but I didn’t really like the shoes and the hair!

This look by Erin Wasson caught my attention because of the neckline, sleeves and even the knot, it reminded me of a robe to wear with pajamas and I thought this idea was cool, but it lacked a skirt underneath, even if it was short, right people?!

Freida Pinto looks beautiful with this color, don’t you think? I liked this detail of the lace appearing on the side where the skirt is shorter.

I love this Kate Mara dress, it looks like she’s wearing two dresses. I loved the little yellow sleeve and the yellow slit with the white underneath!

I thought this Kate Perry dress was beautiful!

Lily Collins looks super elegant in this dress with the full skirt and a little shorter in the front! I loved it!!

Jennifer Lopez rocked this super low-cut dress and that beautiful slit, not to mention the sleeve that looked like a cape!! Guys I loved this look!

I love this boho dress by Sienna Miller! The neckline and the shorter skirt in the front made all the difference!

Lupita looked beautiful in this off-the-shoulder dress with this super different cape!

And did the girls like it? Who likes different looks??