Dressed of the Week!

This week’s looks are more relaxed, they are very wearable looks, perfect for a night out with friends or a little party, nothing too glamorous! Ahhh, and there’s something for all styles and tastes!

Alexa Chung opted for a more lady-like look with the midi skirt and ruffled crop top, but she broke the style a little with the black ankle boot that gave a more current look, I loved the look! Laura Bailey rocked this lace jumpsuit, looser and shorter that combined with the wedge sandals was super modern, love it!! Florence Welch opted for a very 70’s printed look, with flared pants and a very elegant blazer and a bag with fringes, I loved it!!

Cara Delevingne wore an all black look, with a sequined blazer and a bun on top of her head, which is super trendy, a super wearable and very modern look!! Lily Allen was wearing a super simple white A-line dress, but the boots and backpack added an extra Q to the outfit!

Jourdan Dunn opted for a very sporty look, which combined with pumps gives a modern look, but I recommend it only for very tall women. Mary Charteris wore basic black pants and tank top and the focus of the look was on the strappy shoes and the wonderful fringed coat. Tali Lennox looked beautiful in a red sequined dress, which when combined with boots and a hat was modern and relaxed.

Olivia Palermo rocked it with a crochet skirt (a super trend for the European summer) that combined with a t-shirt and blazer was more modern, I loved it!! Mary Charteris once again rocked her boots and wonderful coat over a pair of denim shorts and a basic tank top. And finally, Laura Bailey wore a long skirt with a colorful blouse, which made the look more relaxed.

So, which style do you like the most?? What’s your favorite look??