Red (Red) – Part 5

Feb 24 2014

Tasting: Lolita!

Guys, Lolita’s winter collection is MA-RA-VI-LHO-SAAAAA!! Bandages, knitted pants and skirts, baroque-style dresses and accessories with lace details are what you’ll find at Lolita, not to mention the party dresses that look like jewels!

I went to the store this weekend and I was drooling over the news, I chose some pieces to show you and tried to choose different styles, I hope you like it!

Dress and Necklace: Skazi for Lolita // Scarpin: Schutz.

Dress: PatBo for Lolita // Peep toe: Luiza Barcelos.

Dress: Renata Campos for Lolita // Peep toe: Luiza Barcelos.

Pants and Shirt: Renata Campos for Lolita // Headband: Lolita.

So did you like the news?? 🙂