Jeans – Part 8

Mar 19 2014

Boyfriend Jeans!

Guys the boyfriend jeans are still in everything, if you don’t have them, run after one to call yours and rock!!

< img src="" />

I love this type of jeans, I think they are stylish, besides being super comfortable. However, men don’t like it much, because it’s a masculine and wider model, but I’m sure that if you wear it with a powerful heel they will love it rsss….

Ahhh, I don’t like boyfriend pants looks with flats, I think they are too “loose”, the best thing is to wear them with pumps, heeled sandals or if you don’t want to wear heels, put on a sneaker that is more feminine, hence the contrast between men’s jeans and women’s sneakers is beautiful!!

Hey guys, who likes it?? Kisses!!