Jeans – Part 13

Apr 19 2013

Get inspired by jeans!!

The jeans is a classic outfit that is really worth investing in, because it never goes out of style. You can change the colors that are on the rise, the cuts and formats, but jeans always have a way of appearing on the streets and among the most desired pieces of the moment.

This season, as I said before, we are seeing and will see a lot more of destroyed jeans. When we think of jeans, what comes to mind is relaxation and more basic looks for everyday life. But jeans can be really chic!

With the flare models, prefer looser and shorter t-shirts (which only cover the waistband) or tucked-in shirts, short women should use platforms and wedges to lengthen the silhouette and the chubby ones with cardigan or jackets at the hip to hide it.

The model skinny and jeggings (jean leggings) asks for wider and longer pieces on top, and can be used with sneakers, boots and high heels.

The boyfriend pants have a straighter, wider and masculine cut, so wear them with tighter shirts and tank tops and fold the hem of the pants, if you are short, always wear them with heels and bet on shoes the tone of your skin, because it elongates and the chubby ones use it with heels and pantsuits that cover the hip.

The jeans straight are the jeans for all without rules, prefer the darkest for night and lighter for the day.

Get inspired!!!