2013 December 03

New: Gio Bernardes!

Hi guys, today I have a super news, which I’m loving it!! For those who don’t know, Giovanna Bernardes, partner – owner of the jewelry brand Gio Bernardes, is selling her pieces here in Catalão, oooooh…!!!

I confess that I’m suspicious to say, because I love everything from the brand, I’ve always used it and I’m a friend of Giovanna, who besides being super nice and sweet, is cute!!

Let’s put the conversation aside and get to the accessories:

Gio Bernardes has a super cool online store (click here!) and there you can check out all the news!

For those who don’t like shopping online, Giovanna’s phone number is: (64) 9949.4121.

And this Thursday and Friday Giovanna will be showing the brand’s news at Lolita, here in Catalão!! Did you like the news?


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