Trend Alert and Online Shopping Guide | Jump Boots

May 16 2017

Hi girls, how are you?

I think you’ve already seen in fashion magazines, blogs and stores that high-heeled boots are the key piece of autumn-winter 2017.

Heeled boots appeared on the Louis Vuitton catwalk and immediately became a fever among fashionistas, as the brand super influences the fashion world in terms of accessories.

So, if you are going to choose just 1 piece for the next season that will make your looks updated, cool and modern, this piece is the heeled boots. Made of varnish or leather, these boots have a tractor sole, high heels (10/12cm) or medium heels (5/7cm) with a grunge touch and Victorian laces.

The coolest way to wear it is with a fluid midi dress and very romantic short dresses, that’s right, in the fashion world what counts is the mix of styles. But of course you can wear it with other dresses, skirts and even pants.

Check out some looks from fashionistas and get inspired. Ahh, and at the end there’s an amazing shopping guide, with the beautiful models!


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Hey girls, who likes boots??

I’m loving using mine!! They really make the look ultra modern!