The Newest It-Bag: Nina Bag

A new it-bag has been making the minds of celebrities and fashionistas alike, is the Nina Bag created by Gabriela Hearst which is shaped like a Chinese fortune cookie.

That’s right, the bag in the shape of a cookie was named Nina, in honor of the jazz singer Nina Simone, and it has brought the designer a lot of luck.

Initially, 20 bags were produced and given as gifts to influential friends of the designer – Demi Moore, Brie Larson, Natalia Vodianova and Miroslava Duma have already shown up with theirs – and now anyone who wants to buy will not be easy. In addition to having a huge waiting list, the price is not friendly at all, each piece starts at US$ 1,995 (approximately R$ 6,500 today) and is not sold in stores. of brand. Super exclusive, but very complicated, right people?!

Miroslav Duma and Demi Moore

Brie Larson

Gabriela Hearst

Gillian Anderson, Miroslava Duma and model Natalia Vodianova
So girls did you like the newest it-bag?