The Best and Worst Looks of the Golden Globes 2017

Jan 9 2017

Yesterday (01.08) the 74th edition of the Golden Globes took place in Los Angeles, the party that kicked off the film industry’s awards season. In this edition, the politicized tone prevailed with the speech of Meryl Streep who criticized Donald Trump and defended minorities and freedom of expression.

But for us, what counts here are the looks and choices made by celebs. This Red Carpet was certainly one of the best, many beautiful looks, but many terrible ones and others that I still haven’t decided what I think, in fact I found it very warm and I’ll show you here.

A highlight for the pink, yellow and silver tones that appeared a lot, and of course the classic black and white.

Remembering that, I’ll give my opinion, but I leave the comments space open for your opinion.

Come with me…..

TOP 10:

Let’s start with Kristen Bell who chose a black sequined dress with a wonderful Jenny Peckham cleavage that I looooove!! I really, really loved, loved, loved! I found this cleavage for her, who has a very beautiful and different small breast, and the sparkle of sequins just right for the red carpet. The loose hair with volume was beautiful, the clean make-up was wonderful and the accessories were just right.

One more thing that I loved was this Zuhair Murad with a very Spanish vibe by Oliva Culpo. Miss USA 2012 rocked the choice of the dress that, in addition to having a beautiful print, has a neckline and embroidery worthy of a red carpet – look, I’m sick of prints, but this one really surprised me.

Blake Lively rocked an elegant and sophisticated velvet Versace. I liked the neckline, the tail and even the pockets, which gave a modernized look. Highlight for the wonderful emerald bracelets.

Lily Collins wore a super feminine and romantic Zuhair Murad that is just like her. I really liked the bun and the red mouth that gave a touch of color and left the obvious that it was a neutral lipstick.

Emma Stone chose a beautiful, romantic, delicate and star-studded Valentino that, as she said, has everything to do with the film La la Land in which she competed and won the Golden Globe for Best Actress – the film took other 7 categories and broke the Golden Globe record. I really liked the dress, the accessories and the messy bun that matched the style of the dress perfectly.

I loved watching Naeem Khan’s Mandy Moore. I know the cape is already a little saturated, but I really liked the fit of the dress on it, the neckline and the flow. Very elegant, chic and timeless.

I liked the choice of Drew Barrimore. The Monique Lhuillier dress looked beautiful on the actress’s body. I liked the embroidery, the off-shoulder, the ruffle on the sleeves and the neckline that greatly enhanced the bosom.

I confess that the Vera Wang look by Hailee Seinfeld left me a little confused, first it went to the folder of the ones I didn’t like, then it changed to the ‘no opinion’ and after looking a lot and changing the angle of the photo, I decided like rssss….

Actually in the first photo I had received, I didn’t like the mango and I don’t like the color at all – I still think that if I didn’t have the mango I would like it better – but after looking at this photo above I found it playful and passed to like the off-shoulder idea. The neckline I liked a lot, as well as the very discreet accessories. In the end I thought she was elegant.

Naomi Campbell nailed the choice. I loved the dress, the neckline, the slit, everything is beautiful.

Lastly Anna Kendrick wore a very elegant Vionnet dress. I like the pleat, the neckline and the flow of the dress – in movement the dress is very beautiful. The shade of gray is not my favorite, but it matched the actress’s skin tone and hair. I liked the loose hair and the makeup too.

The 10 ‘ok’ or ‘lukewarm’ or with a little problem or whatever you prefer:

Let’s start here with Jessica Chastain from Prada. The dress is beautiful and point, it didn’t catch my attention. But I can’t help but say that I liked the shade of blue for her and the embroidery, but I didn’t like the neckline or the hair.

Amy Adams chose a pretty sequined Tom Ford but I think she could do better. It lacked a touch of anything in the look, or in the neckline, or slit, or color, or anything.

Reese Witherspoon chose a classic yellow Versace strapless that I’m looking for another word than pretty but haven’t found. Despite being in accordance with the occasion and the neckline and the slit, I found the dress normal, it seems that she has had it for a few years and decided to wear it now, you know?! I think she could have bet on something more current and different.

I really liked the red tone of the Rodarte dress in Brie Larson but I thought her dress was nothing like Reese Witherspoon’s, looking from a few years ago. The type of neckline, fabric and embroidery are not impressive.

Giuliana Rancic chose a very princess floral or rather, debutante by Rani Zakhe. I liked the skirt, but I still don’t know if I liked the high collar and the print for it.

Jessica Biel by Elie Saab. I liked the model of the dress and the neckline, but I’m not sure about the 3D embroidery on the skirt and the belt at the waist. There’s something bothering me that I still don’t know what it is….

Michelle Williams chose a Louis Vuitton that I really liked the model, but I didn’t like the lace at all. I didn’t expect to sigh with love for her look and I liked the idea of the choker, but she was very faded.

Heidi Klum chose a J. Mendel that for me was not right for the occasion, it was more for an informal party.

Apart from the awful satin belt, I really liked the mix of the 2 shades of Gucci by Zoe Saldana, but this belt and that much frill was a little overdone, don’t you think?!

Pryianka Chopra chose a shiny gold Ralph Lauren with a baroque feel that I found a little heavy. It was marking the belly and it looks like it had a dent in the breast – I know I’m being very critical in this case, but people, something didn’t convince me. I liked the shade of the lipstick and I think she should have tied her hair up.

The 10 Worst:

Guys I was disappointed in Natalie Portman, I know she is pregnant, but I expected more from her. I liked the color of the dress, but she looked like a 70-year-old lady and in addition to getting the dress wrong, she managed to get the hairstyle and earring wrong too. Ah, by the way the dress is Prada.

Carrie Underwood by Iris Serban, I didn’t really like that much fabric on the top and the loose hair, it was too voluminous.

Felicity Jones’s Gucci has a nice shape but it was her color, apart from the hair the rest is all the same shade and I didn’t like it.

Kerry Washington, despite having gone from Dolce and Gabbana, I didn’t like the color on it, nor the model, nor the lace, that is, I didn’t like it rssss….

Now begins the session with no words to describe: starting with Monica Bellucci and that awful black dress….

…. passing by Alexander McQueen’s Nicole Kidman – so-co-rrooo I always thought she was corny, but in this case she outdid herself…..

….. ending up with Sarah Jessica Parker who socorroooo must have had an outbreak and to make the horrible dress worse, she even made this hairstyle that looks more like a granny. Someone explain to her that it’s not a costume party, even though I don’t know what she’s wearing.

Sineta Miller missed the party or confused the Golden Globe with New Year’s on the beach and wore a Michael Kors and a very basic ponytail.

Sofia Vergara made a mistake in choosing the Zuhair Murad dress. I thought the embroidery was heavy and the neckline was horrible for her, who has a lot of breasts. I’ll get straight to the point: I thought it was corny.

And finally this Luis Vuitton chosen by Sophie Turner that I found very ugly. I didn’t like the transparency of the skirt and the top seems to be big. In short: I hated it.

Hey girls what do you think of the looks?

Which is the best and the worst in your opinion?