Street Style (Street Fashion) – Part 29

The eternal Leather Pants!

Leather pants are a key piece in the women’s closet and are an eternal winter trend!

As it is a joker piece, it can be used during the day and also at night. The tip, in this case, is to choose shirts, jackets and accessories that make the look suitable for the time.

The models that appear the most are skinny and flare. The skinny looks perfect with more “wide” combinations on top, such as jackets, long knits, shirts, coats and longer blazers. The flare model, on the other hand, combines with more fitted shirts and blouses, structured blazers and baggy shirts inside the pants or with a knot!

Now ATTENTION, leather pants need to suit the woman’s physical type. As the garment is tight, it is best avoided by those with thick thighs or wide hips. The option for this woman is to wear a languid or straight model, which is not too tight to the body.

Black pants are easy to match, but colored pants demand attention. To make the look elegant, the ideal is that the rest of the look has only one color, because the leather is visually heavy and more than two colors end up ‘carrying’ the look. And by attracting attention, colored leather can visually enhance the hip area.

That’s it, the leather pants are super versatile, casual and modern, so get inspired by the photos below and to finish the look, it’s worth investing in sneakers, boots and pumps.


Olivia Palermo, wore straight pants that are great for those who don’t have a lot of hips. To elongate the silhouette, pumps!


Thássia Naves, chose skinny pants and as the sequin blouse was shorter, she wore an open shirt on top. Pumps to elongate the silhouette and make the look more glamorous!


Kendall Jenner wore skinny pants with a long coat and went a little too daring with over the knee boots!


Whitney Port opted for the “all black” look and as she is very thin and tall, the skinny pants were perfect with the wider blouse.

Thássia Naves once again rocked these ruffled Lilly Sarti pants. I loved the look, another option would be for her to tuck the shirt inside or tie a knot, because the pants are flared and would look more charming!

Now some street style looks:

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And did the girls like it??

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