Sideboob or Underboob – the daring necklines that are making the rounds!

Nov 19 2016

The necklines are old acquaintances of women and every day it seems that they are becoming more successful. Some more sensual, others less, what we must always keep in mind is that very deep cleavage was made for women with smaller breasts, otherwise it’s vulgar!

Today we’re going to talk about two cleavages that are all the rage, the sideboob and the underboob.

The sideboob is the opening that shows the side of the breasts, which appeared a lot on the red carpet and brings a new range of options for those who want to squander sensuality. Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Wilde, Bella Hamid, Ciara and Kendall Jenner have already bet on the trend.

Jennifer Lawrence

Kendall Jenner

Karlie Kloss

Bella Hamid


Olivia Wilde

Rachel McAdams

The underboob is more daring, it shows the underside of the breast, not leaving much to the imagination! Lady Gaga has been betting on this cleavage in her new rocker phase and the Jenner sisters love it too!

Lady Gaga

Chiara Ferragni

Gigi Hadid

Karlie Kloss

Kylie Jenner

Lady Gaga

Lea Michele was more discreet

The neckline appeared on the Fendi Summer 2017 catwalk

Hey girls who likes the new necklines?? The sideboob I like, but the underboob I don’t think I look at it, what about you??