Organizing Your Kitchen!

How about organizing your kitchen in a practical way so that everything is in sight and easy to keep organized?!

People organizing everything takes work but it’s not a difficult task, it’s really hard to keep everything organized so you don’t have to organize everything again, isn’t it?!

For this there are some types of drawers and cabinets that make everything easier. Check out some ideas in the photos below:

I looooove this closet above, people look how cool!! The shelves are like drawers and have wooden and acrylic dividers for plates, cutlery, cups and glasses!! It’s sure to be hard not to keep this closet organized!

This idea of placing this round and rotating piece of wood in the corners of the cabinets makes it a lot easier to get what you need without messing up the rest.

This drawer with the holes for the utensils is super practical, you can see better than what you need.

Guys, a problem we have at home is where to put the lids on the pans, wow, how difficult it is! Look how cool this idea of putting them in the bottom of the drawer standing!

When talking about practicality, we talk about keeping what we use the most at hand and hanging the utensils and seasonings we use the most makes everything more practical!

Putting a name on seasonings is essential, right people?! The idea is to glue black paper on the lids of the jars and write with chalk is great, besides looking beautiful!

And lastly, this idea that I thought was great and had never thought of: using bag pulls to store potatoes, onions and garlic!! I loved it!! For those who have a big house, it’s nice to leave them in baskets, but for those who don’t have space, the bag pulls are great ideas.

Hey girls, did you like the ideas??

If you have any other cool ideas, let us know in the comments!