Look | Income & Flare sleeve

Hello girls how are you?

How long, huh?! I know I’ve been missing a lot, but I was on vacation (who followed me on insta and snap?) and after I got back I have some projects that took up almost all of my time.

Speaking of vacations, I promise to make a post telling you everything and giving you all the tips from my days in Orlando and Miami.

Now let’s talk about today’s look. The lace dress, in addition to dressing super well, has a beautiful neckline in the right measure of sexy without being vulgar and the flared sleeves with ruffles are amazing!

The combination of wine lace and navy lace was different, more modern and gave life to the look. In short, I loved this look and I hope you like it!

Dress: @corpomagicobr | Sandal: @ladonnacatalao

How did the girls like it?