Jeans – Part 3

Jun 18 2016

Look | A day at the Haras

Hi girls, many of you know that I live in a horse farm and keep asking me what clothes I wear on the days I’m there, as I’ve already answered for some, I always wear pants and boots of different styles with a basic shirt or t-shirt. What I really like to use to give it a different and more stylish touch are scarves and vests.

A few days ago I was with my mother taking a look at the horses and foals and she took some pictures, so I’ll show you the look I was in and I promise to make a post later with different types of looks that I wear both at the stud farm and in 3-barrel events.

Pants: Zara | T-shirt: Zara | Boots: Tony Mora | Scarf I tied as a collar: Polo Ralph Lauren

For this day, I wanted to put the pants inside the boot, so I wore tighter Zara pants, but I usually wear country pants.

And did the girls like the look? Pretty badass, right?!

Ahhh please don’t notice the messed up hair and no makeup, because I didn’t take the pictures to post rsss…. I decided to post, because as I said before, many of you sent me the same question! The good thing is that it looks very natural and true, the way they would find me if they got there.