DIY | Jeans with Shredded Hem (Fringes)

Sep 29 2016

Nothing better than a different pair of jeans to compose your day-to-day looks, right people?!

A few months ago I talked about the new trends in jeans and one of them is the jeans with the very frayed hem that has a super different fringe and that makes any look more interesting.

The trend is still super high, so I decided to put a step-by-step guide on how to transform your basic jeans into the jeans in the photo below, come with me….

You will only need:

  • 1 straight-cut jeans
  • 1 scissors good for cutting fabric
  • 1 seam ripper (in the picture is the green one used to open the seams)

  • Cut the hem of the pants (the scissors have to be good so they don’t get “choking”) and open the side seam with the seam ripper on both sides to the height you want the fringes.

  • Remove any orange thread from the seam.

  • Pull the horizontal white threads of the pants and if necessary use the seam ripper to help. Some pants work best if you pull from left to right and others from right to left, see which one works best for yours.

  • Keep pulling and you’ll see the bangs forming.

  • As the white strands are crooked, you’ll notice that it won’t be straight, if you like it that way, it’s ready. If not, just get a ruler to get it right.

  • To make everything straight, you will pull the white threads from the part that is crooked, in the case of the photo it is on the right side. Pull it up to the point where it sits straight on the ruler. You can leave the white strands in the middle of the bangs or cut them. Your pants are ready and beautiful!

Hey girls, do you like the idea? Pretty easy, right?!