Decoration | Demolition!

The reuse of demolition material is already an old habit, and I can’t even say when it came about, but what is really worth knowing is that demolition materials give charm to the environment and, moreover, are durable and most contribute to sustainable development.

This “recycling” can be of various types such as floors and coverings in wood or demolition bricks, doors, windows and other furniture and objects made from recycled material.

There are people who prefer to use one or another piece to give weight to the decoration and make the environment more stylish and exclusive. But there are those who like to decorate the whole environment in this style. Regardless of your case, what matters is that the environment has your face, but be careful not to leave the environment too loaded.

Get inspired by some environments that use demolition materials:

Demolition Wood

Wrecking Brick

Wood used as Headboard

Doors used as Decor Object

Windows used as Decor Object

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