2013 November 13

Talk and Isolde!!

Last week, the launch event of the partnership between Isolda and Converse took place, which took place at lunch, in Rio, in a hotel with a wonderful view of the sea!

The idea of the partnership is to celebrate Brazilian culture by mixing Isolda’s more tropical and colorful footprint with Converse’s street style. The prints were used on classic models like the Chuck Taylor All Star, Auckland Racer and Skidgrip. Here are some templates:

Guava print + B&W – R$ 269.00.

Auckland Racer model with lobster print – R$ 269.00.

Auckland Racer model printed with octopus – R$ 269.00.

High-top Chuck Taylor All Star model – R$ 269.00.

Skidgrip model with a mix of guava and geometric prints – R$ 249.00.< /p>

The sneakers are already on sale, in the online e-closet, at Dona Coisa in Rio and at Cartel 011 in SP, and throughout the month they should arrive in more stores in Brazil. Prices range from R$249 to R$269. Now it’s time to wait and see if the fashion catches on!

I want opinions!! What did you think?? Kisses!!

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