Velvet (Velvet)

Bet on Velvet!


Velvet is the fabric that best suits winter! Imposing, sober and warm, velvet is an excellent option for those who want to vary their winter pieces without losing style. There are three types of velvet. Crystal is smooth and shiny, ideal to be used at night, in formal occasions it is a good and sophisticated option. The Wet has an irregular surface, similar to a wrinkle in the fabric and can be used during the day or night, if it is for the day, choose a single piece, such as a skirt or blazer or shoes, in the case of total looks such as dresses. , rompers and suits is suitable for night looks. Cotelê is ribbed, thick and very similar to jeans, ideal to wear during the day and bet on basic items such as pants, blazers and skirts.

About velvets: “Smooth black, navy, dark green and burgundy are perfect for evening wear, while ribbed ones are more appropriate for sportswear. But as it is a sophisticated and impactful plot, it stands out in any production.” teaches Gloria Kalil.


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