Jan 8 2015

The Hair Dry range!

Dry Shampoos or in Portuguese Dry Shampoos, are already on the market and making our lives easier for some time, isn’t it?! I think everyone knows, right?! Well, those who don’t know, now is the time and those who already know will know about the news of the dry products line that are already on the market.

Dry shampoo is one of the best inventions to help us look beautiful on busy days, because more than just covering up the “dirty” oily root, it also works to give volume, that is, give your hair a quick fix!

Many people criticize saying that they think it’s a little “piggy“, but of course no one will go without washing their hair for days, the dry shampoo is only in case of emergency and serves to give volume to the hair clean too, like hairspray.

Today, in addition to the dry shampoo, there are already 3 more “dry” novelties on the market that will also bring practicality to our busy days. These are the Dry Conditioners, Dry Oils and Dry Texturizers:

Going back to dry shampoos, it’s worth remembering that it won’t leave your hair like when you wash it, but it will help your hair not to be sticky and oily.

Another thing, there are certain ways to apply it, so here are some tips: when passing the root, wait 1 minute to comb, otherwise the effect can be the opposite and another tip is to lower your head, throw the strands down and use the hairdryer for 30 seconds, giving your head a shake, so it looks more natural.

Now for those who still haven’t found a top dry shampoo, here’s a top 6:

Hey girls, did you like the tips?? I want to know if anyone already uses it and if they know any top products that are not in this post 😉


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