Knitting (Knitting) and Crochet

Scheming Everything!

This summer, boho was one of the most successful styles among fashionistas and the handmade style, widely used in the 70s, invaded the streets and beaches with bikinis. , swimsuits, dresses and crochet and macramé tops!

Check out some pieces below and get inspired!

I think everyone knows crochet and marquetry, right people?!

But for those who don’t know, crochet is a braid that uses a needle with a hook at the end. Macramé, on the other hand, is a technique of weaving the threads that does not use any type of machine or tool, in short, it is a manual weaving.

My tip is to combine handmade with more modern pieces or tailoring and perfect the accessories so you don’t get over!

Who likes the style?? I love it, I think it’s very stylish!


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