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Mar 14 2014

Men with Style!

I love a man who has style, but I don’t have a favorite style, I think it has to match the man and he has to give you security, even better if he’s charming (rsss….), then you’ll find it he is stylish, besides beautiful rsss….

Many readers ask me for masculine looks for them to show their boyfriends, husbands, children, brothers and even so they know what they are wearing to give tips. In fact, men’s clothing does follow a fashion trend, but it’s a small range of options compared to the feminine universe.

So the tip is: use what suits your style and what makes you feel confident. Let’s go to the looks I separated.

Beckham opted for a basic look, with jeans and a white t-shirt, the charm was on account of the leather jacket.

Overlay always translates to style, and the headscarf conveyed a lot of security in the look.

The style in this case was the blazer and the sneakers left the look casual.

A stylish all black.

The coat with the collar turned up made all the difference in this look.

Jared Leto left the look casual with the scarf, but the shoes brought a touch of elegance.

Clooney always stylish.

Jared Leto showed a lot of confidence and style with the B&W scarf around his neck and the red and black plaid shirt around his waist! I loved it!

In this case, the hat and shoes made the look more casual.

Zac Efron opted for a basic look with a leather jacket and I loved the shoes.

You can see that the looks are of different styles, but they match whoever is wearing them!


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