Fashion – Part 11

Samurai Bun for Them and Them

It’s almost impossible to find a hairstyle that is popular with both men and women, but the samurai bun is making waves in men and women all over the world.

This look, as the name implies, is inspired by 16th century Japanese warriors who wore this bun on top of their head to better fit their battle helmet on their head.

Easy to do, it’s the right choice for those days when we’re late and the hair is wrinkled or unruly and the result is a modern and cool hairstyle.

Last week I talked about the low buns and the samurai bun fits the style. The cool thing is to see that every day more messy hairstyles are falling into popular taste, especially in summer. Beach waves, ombrés and the messy bun itself are all part of the same trend, easy to do and super natural.

Get inspired….

In the case of men, the samurai bun became popular when it appeared on the head of football player David Beckham and it didn’t take long to become a trend, actors like Jared Leto and Chris Hemsworth joined the trend and helped to popularize the hairstyle.


The samurai bun is ideal for cool men who like to innovate. Just have your hair long on top and the sides you can leave it shaved or with volume.

Another idea is to grow a beard, as it goes well with the samurai bun and gives that hipster touch that has drawn so much attention from women. Get inspired….

Guys I find it super charming, especially men and you?