Detachment from the Closet

Detachment from the Closet!

Hi girls, how are you? Many readers ask me what I do with so many shoes and so many clothes and they gave me the idea to do the first detachment from the blog.

Actually I had never thought of that and I thought the idea was super cool! This time I decided to make only shoes, I separated 8 beautiful models, they are all mine, used very few times and in very good condition! My shoes are all 36.

Whoever is interested, just send an email to and in the title of the email write the name of the piece who are interested. The value of Correios / Sedex, is charged separately, so in the email put your zip code to calculate. After that we will contact you to send you the bank details and the piece will be sent as soon as we receive the proof of payment.

Let’s go…?

And did you like the shoes??

Ahh, I was forgetting that we do not exchange or accept returns, ok?! Kisses!!

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