2017 April

Apr 25 2017

Bye Bye Cellulite!


What woman doesn’t?

Who doesn’t mind??

The most affected areas in general are the thighs (front, side and back) and buttocks. Fluid retention, fat, flaccidity, bad eating habits, lack of physical activity and the use of hormones are the great villains.

The good news is that there are new treatments!! And high performance treatments!! Cellulite does not have a “cure” because it is a pathophysiological change in the region. But I want to talk to you today about a treatment that I really like, that has been the darling (and the secret!!) of many actresses and that has had great results.

The treatment greatly improves the appearance of cellulite, treats the skin texture and leaves the region much more beautiful. The patient has to associate adequate diet and physical exercises. We’re talking about SCULPTRA!!! Have you ever heard of him??

This strange name is the trade name for polylactic acid. It is a super mega collagen stimulator that we inject, through several pricks with a fine needle, throughout the region. This product will stimulate your collagen and make the region firmer, make the butt more rounded, even out, stretch, make everything more beautiful!!!!

We recommend an average of 3 sessions, the amount of product per session and then maintenance depends on each case. Your dermatologist will evaluate you and set up a specific protocol for you!
Remember that the summer body we build now in autumn/winter 😉 !!

I hope to see you at the office!! 😘💋💋

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