Jackets Blazers Kimonos – Part 3

Trench Coat

The trench coat is very classic and enhances any look, a key piece in the wardrobe. With the wave of militarism, the trench coat came back with everything. The first piece was created in 1914 by Thomas Burberry at the request of the British government. The intention was to protect World War I soldiers from the cold and wind on the battlefields.

Perfect for rainy days and sophisticated for everyday looks, the trench coat is classy and fits great with night looks too. The most traditional model is very long, below the knee, with the purpose of protection. Beige and its variations is the classic color. For the most modern women or those who already have a traditional trench coat in their closet, they can renew their look by opting for a colorful one.

A nice tip is to use the trench coat as a dress and put on a super luxury shoe to complete the look, the shoe will be the focus and will make the look more glamorous and charming. It is also worth using the trench coat with skinny pants and a sneaker that looks very cool. Swap the sneaker for a pump that soon gains a more sophisticated look. Remembering that boots, whether short, medium or long, always fit well. For a more casual look, wear an open trench coat. Invest, and get even more beautiful!