Decor | Blue Post Table

I already said here that I love to set the table to receive friends! I like to combine the placemat with dishes, glasses, napkins, napkin holders, not forgetting a vase with a flower, candles, etc…

Many people think that for the table to look beautiful, you have to spend a lot and the truth is that you can set a beautiful table without spending a lot, just be creative and think about the details as I showed in this post some creative napkin holders and in this one how the leaves of your garden can decorate the table.

Today the theme of the post is the tables in shade of blue. Blue is a very welcome color on the beach, in the countryside and also in the city, so I separated some photos for you to get inspired, let’s go?

ON THE BEACH: boats, starfish, corals, ropes and shells are elements that complement the table and decor on the beach.

Let’s start with this table that looks beautiful anywhere! I put it on the beach, because the dishes are from a boat and there is even an ornament crab there in the corner rss…. The wooden table is already wonderful and the decoration with the boat crockery and the American rope game was drooling, don’t you think?!

I loved this idea of the rope being the napkin holder, simple and beautiful!!

I love these corals to decorate the table and the combination of blue and red is so beautiful.

The shell on the napkin adds a beachy touch.

I loved the way the napkin was folded with the starfish.

IN THE FIELD: in the countryside, the table in shades of blue takes on shades of green and the color of the wild flowers.

Although the napkin holder is made of coral, the rustic wooden table, the placemat, the cutlery and the lamp make the table very rustic.

I loved the mix of vases and bottles and the color of the flowers.

I love hydrangeas, this is actually a simple table that looks great anywhere.

IN THE CITY: in the city the tables are more imposing with crystal, silver and sousplat glasses.

The combination of tones on this table is very chic, check out the zoom here…

…. guys I loved this crockery, the blue bowls are so pretty and what I loved the most was the idea of the vase with the toast and rosemary sticks, I love it!!!

The combination of blue and orange left the table alive and very beautiful!!! I really like blue with red and yellow too, check it out…

Looking from above….

Mixing shades of blue is also beautiful!

This table is ideal for lunch on the balcony near the pool.

Hey girls did you like the ideas??

A table more beautiful than the other, right?!